Manufacturing Capability
 Minimum External Line Width (Cu 0.5 Oz)  0.08mm  (3mil)
 Minimum External Conductor Spacing (Cu 0.5 Oz)  0.08mm  (3mil)
 Minimum Internal Line Width  0.08mm  (3mil)
 Minimum Internal Line Spacing  0.08mm  (3mil)
 Minimum External Line Width (Cu 1 Oz)  0.125mm  (5mil)
 Minimum External Conductor Spacing (Cu 1 Oz)  0.125mm  (5mil)
 Minimum Drilled Hole to Board Edge  0.1mm  (4mil)
 Maximum Board Thickness  4.0mm
 Minimum Board Thickness  0.1mm  (4mil)
 Minimum Board Thickness Tolerance  ±0.05mm  ±(2mil)
 Minimum Impedance Requirement  50Ω
 Maximum Number of Layers  16 Layers
Drilling and Fabrication
 Fabrication Dimension Tolerance  ±0.05mm  ±(2mil)
 Warpage (inch per inch)  <0.007
 Minimum Mechanical Drill Diameter (<0.6 mm)  0.1mm  (4mil)
 Minimum Mechanical Drill Diameter (<1.6 mm)  0.25mm  (10mil)
 Minimum Laser Drill Diameter  0.1mm  (4mil)
 Minimum Capture Pad for Laser Vias  0.25mm  (10mil)
 Finished Hole Size Tolerance (Plated)  ±0.08mm  ±(3mil)
 Finished Hole Size Tolerance (Non-Plated)  ±0.05mm  ±(2mil)
Silk Screen
 Legend Minimum Line Width  0.13mm  (5mil)
Material Available
FR4 (Standard) (Halogen-Free) (High-Standard) ISOLA
BT Material NELCO
POLYMIDE Aluminum Board
Surface Finishes Available
HASL HASL Lead-free
Electrolytic Nickel Gold Immersion Nickel Gold
Electrolytic Sliver Immersion Sliver
Electroless Nickel Palladium Gold (ENEPIG) O.S.P