Min Trace Width and Space  0.06 /0.06 mm
 Minimum Hole Size (CNC Drilling)  0.10mm
 Minimum Hole Size (Punching Hole)  0.5mm
  General Special
 Conduct Width  ±0.05mm  ±0.03mm
 Hole Dimension  ±0.1mm  ±0.05mm
 Outline Dimension  ±0.2mm  ±0.1mm
 Gold Finger Exposure Area  ±0.1mm  ±0.05mm
 Hole to Hole  ±0.1mm  ±0.05mm
 Hole to Outline Width  ±0.15mm  ±0.07mm
 Center of Conduct to Outline Edge  ±0.15mm  ±0.07mm
Assembly Accuracy
 PSA Assembly  ±0.05mm  ±0.03mm
 Stiffener Assembly.  ±0.1mm  ±0.05mm
 Fold Assembly  ±0.2mm  ±0.1mm
Silk Screen Thickness
 Sliver Paste  ±0.5mm  ±0.3mm
 Solder Mask  ±0.5mm  ±0.3mm
Surface Finish
O.S.P. Immersion Gold
Soft Gold Electroplating Hard Gold Electroplating
Tin Electroplating