Norsun Circuited Enterprise Co. Ltd.

Address: No.17, Alley 20, Lane 199, San-Chun St., Shu-Lin Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan.

Telephone: 886-2676-2208

Fax: 886-2676-1704


  Brief Information

  Norsun Circuited produces all kinds of PCB, FPC, Substrate, and Aluminum boards. No matter your need is prototype or mass production, we all take them with caution. Our core mission is to assist clients to meet their own success.

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  1. Prototype
  2. Single/Double/Multiple Board Mass Production
  3. Aluminum Board
  4. FPC
  5. Flip-Chip Substrate
  6. IC Substrate
  7. 2+N+2 HDI PCB